Cream foundation

The cream foundation has a creamy texture just like a concealer that gives medium to full coverage, especially for dry skin. It offers hydration to your skin and hides dry patches. Cream foundations easily sink into matured skin. For a natural and flawless look, you need to play a blending game on your face. It gives desirable results when blended perfectly.

It might require a little effort for application on your face but surely the outcome worth it. They keep the natural moisture in balance and create no adverse effect on your skin. The most attractive part is they do not look cakey or heavy but stick on your face for hours.

Here is your guide to the goods and bad of cream foundation to have a better idea!


  • It provides even coverage all over the face
  • Stick to the place and does not melt
  • Serves as a rain for dry skins
  • Covers all skin problems such as scars, patches, spots, tattoos, and dryness
  • Gives flawless coverage for up to 16 hours
  • Contains a wide range of shades (more than 27)
  • No brush or any other make-up tool is required for blending


  • Requires proper time to blend equally all over the face
  • Not suitable for daily wear or casual wear
  • Cannot be friendly for oily skin
  • Only for matured skin

Cream foundations are more likely to be used for important or full-day events. They give the best and eye-catching coverage that there will be no need to look for you in a mirror. If you have dry skin, the creamy foundation should be your first pick up. The little effort you have to do is choose a good brand and a good shade. All the odds will be in your favor for sure!


If you are looking for easy to go make-up product, liquid foundation is what you need. It is an easily accessible product and offers light to full coverage depending on the shade and brand you choose. They have a smooth texture and happy go lucky for almost all skin types. Your skin shines flawlessly throughout the day covering all the redness, spots, and pigmentation. You simply need to dab a small amount of liquid foundation on your nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin. Afterward, blend it firmly with the help of a sponge or brush to have an even texture. Liquid foundations are much easier to apply and easily available for multiple skin types.

Here is the guide to goods and bad of liquid foundation as well to help you more!


  • Easy to use. Can be applied with any make-up tool
  • Really good in giving out luminous finish
  • Fills up wrinkles and fine lines and also large pores.
  • It hydrates skin and provides essential moisture
  • If you are a beginner at make-up, liquid foundation is for you
  • Can be used for all skin types


  • Liquid foundation can show excessive shine when oil appears on the skin
  • If you will choose the wrong shade, the liquid foundation will look cakey and will show artificial results
  • If you will not give quick touch-ups to your make-up, it will accumulate wrinkles and lines
  • Avoid applying for heavy coverage, as it will open up the door for blemishes and clogged pores

Liquid foundation is most effective when used on medium to dry skin. It might not be too good for overly oily skin. It is available in a wide range of different shades for every skin tone.  Your favorite cosmetic manufacturer must have it; you just need to pick one wisely. One very important thing is that it is suitable for daily wear and casual wear. So no matter whether you are going to college, party, or anywhere, just pick your liquid foundation and SLAY!