They say age is just a number, but age can surely leave its prominent marks that make you look dull and nasty. Fine lines, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and loose skin steel the charm of your personality and leave you with no confidence. Lip wrinkles are also one of those problems that need quick treatment. Lip gloss, lip liners, and lipsticks can be a temporary coverage and lips even worsen after their use.

Getting rid of lip wrinkles is not a hard nut to crack as we have come up with a permanent solution. Micro-needling the lip lines are the most effective yet quick treatment. And no, it is not painful at all. Derma roller is surely one of the best gifts you can offer to your lips. The cosmetic industry methods deliver plumper pout lips but they have been historically comical and painful with obviously disastrous results if the injectable or lip filler surgery doesn’t go well.

So why to be experimental with your own self? No need to visit clinics and salons for your lip wrinkles because derma rollers have been a great invention that allows you to treat your pinky lips in your own privacy with comfort and ease. Also, you can get the desired lips without any adverse effects by staying at your home.

Here is what you need to know about the derma roller for lip wrinkles.


Micro-needling is a minimally invasive procedure that helps to renew the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and spots. This technique has been impressively penetrating the market and has been declared as the safest procedure to treat your lip wrinkles. Derma roller can be used on lips to reduce wrinkles leaving no side effects. It has been recommended by the dermatologists to use a derma roller after 2 to 3 weeks. Moreover, you might be surrounded by multiple rumors of lip damage but no! Don’t put a deaf ear to rumors.

Derma Roller for Lip Wrinkles before and after


Well using the derma roller is not rocket science and you can reduce lip wrinkles after a few uses. However, it is recommended to use the derma roller once a month but not more than every two weeks. Derma roller on lips is quite easy to use. First, scrub your lips with a lip scrub so that the needles can easily push them beneath the surface of the skin. Do not miss this step it is important to prep your lips.

The scrub will exfoliate the dead skin cells and the result will be promising. After that flatten your lips by smiling, this will make the procedure easy and less painful. Now roll the derma roller in a horizontal, vertical, and diagonal motion. In this step, derma roller on lips may cause minor injuries but do not panic. These injuries will help to make the lips wrinkle-free and will give instant results. After this, apply a lip plumping gloss. Enjoy the amazing results!


Derma roller before and aftercare is really important otherwise consequences can be unacceptable. For the initial days after derma rolling for upper lip wrinkles avoid any skincare product that contains harsh chemicals and are scented. Also before using a face wash, must look that it should not contain alpha hydroxyl acid or glycolic acid.

Vitamin C and retinol A serum should be avoided for the next 48 hours after micro-needling on your lips. Once 2 days are passed, gradually bring back the daily routine products. But if any itching or irritation occurs on your lips, stop the use of a particular product and seek alternates.

Make sure to use cleanser, toners, or lipsticks with those ingredients which will not worsen the lip condition. Serums that contain hyaluronic acid can be used and it is even recommended to heal the wounds of your lips. If your lips feel dry after derma rolling, use coconut oil as an emollient to lock in moisture and hydrate your lips. Also, diluted alcohol-free witch hazel can be used as a natural treatment for dry and chapped lips.


Injections for lip fillers and lip plumping are considered a quick solution and somehow have shown tremendous results. But we know these cosmetic treatments have shown disastrous results as well and the whole personality is destroyed due to this. So why to opt for such things that are unsure themselves? Even not all the dermatologists can, so this is better do not let anyone be experimental on your skin. That is why a derma roller for lines around the mouth and lip wrinkle is recommended.

First of all this not a difficult procedure, also it may cause injuries or punctures on your skin but the results will not be horrible for sure. The whole procedure can be done at your home in your safe place and by yourself; there is nothing to worry about. If any issue occurs during the use of the derma roller, the results will vanish after a few weeks so you can improve in the next use.


Although derma roller for lip wrinkles is generally considered a very low-risk procedure, but side effects can escalate. Symptoms to look out for the doctor include:

  • Dry lips for more than a week after derma roller
  • Continuous or occasional bleeding
  • Extreme redness
  • Use of wrong size needle


The redness or itching that you will face after derma rolling will usually fade away in 48 hours. Other after-effects like peeling or dryness may take slightly longer to recover and come back to their original. Most of the recovery happens under your skin for almost a month, that is why it is always recommended to use at least take a gap of one month for the next session of derma rolling to easily heal the previous wounds. This tip will show effective results and you will enjoy happy rolling!


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