Cooluli mini makeup fridge

Overall Score 4/5
Temperature Control 4/5
Energy Consumption 5/5
Portability 5/5
Ease Of Use 5/5
Value for Money 4/5


The overall performance of the Cooluli mini makeup fridge is exceptional. It can reach up to a maximum temperature of 26-degree Fahrenheit, perfect for keeping almost any skincare product. Don’t buy a mini-fridge that goes beyond 30 Fahrenheit for minimum temperature as it can cause the skincare products to solidify.

In fact, in a few cases, the products can go bad due to excessive heat. Every product has a shelf life and a safe temperature to store. It has only two settings, either cold or hot. You can not set it to a particular temperature, which is acceptable given the price and overall performance of the product.

Although the product cools the skincare products to the right temperature, there is slight condensation at the bottom, which can be hard to manage. To avoid cleaning the fridge, it is better to place a kitchen towel at the bottom again and again.

 Energy Consumption

Are you also tired to hear those myth surrounding electricity consumption is high in makeup fridges? Well, Coolluli mini makeup is here to burst that myth like a bubble!  Compared to the competition and its compact size, it only utilizes 29.7 Watts of energy when heating, and while cooling, it is only 33.9 Watts.

You can also put it on eco-mode by using the USB power supply, which is overall an easy feature to use. However, do not attach the USB cable with a computer for power supply, as computers have lower energy output. Yet, you can plug it into a power bank, as they have higher energy output and this action is electrically safe as well.

What are you waiting for? Just place it on your nightstand, and have that perfect night and day time routine!


The next important feature to consider is portability. It is larger than the other coolers in the market and weighs only 4 lbs. The overall outer dimensions are 7.25” W X 10.25” D X 10.75” H, which is enough for it to be stored in any small space. However, the inner dimensions are 5.3” L X 5.7” D X 8.3” H, which is enough to store all the makeup essentials. You can also store your insulins or probiotics in the Cooluli mini markup fridge because of its higher portability.

Advanced Technology

Being a big supporter of eco-friendly products, Cooluli mini makeup fridge is the perfect investment. It utilizes a unique semiconductor that makes it highly energy-efficient as well as environmentally friendly. In fact, the use of thermoelectric integration further reduces the emission of harmful gases in the environment.

Ease of Use

What’s the use of a product if it is not easier to use?

With a magnetic closure to open and close the fridge through one hand, it is easier to use for everyone. However, sometimes the fridge may get wide open while carrying it around. The inner shelves are removable that you can remove and add the way you want them to organize. You can even store your Tupperware in the mini-fridge for homemade masks etc., as it has an inner depth of 5.3” L X 5.7” D X 8.3” H.  As per the customers, the unit is used 24/7 with no major issues that made them regret buying this product. However, the USB cord is a little short, so you might need it close to the switchboard or power bank.


Value for money is what we all need! Well, Cooluli, although it comes in a higher price range of mini makeup fridges, is it totally worth it? The features that make a mini skincare fridge stand out are portability, cooling, and ease of use, which makes it perfect value for your investment. The capacity, however, may seem less for a few, but hey, compact size is all that you all need, right? Else, how are you gonna keep it on your nightstand? With the right capacity and cooling power, it’s time to appreciate Cooluli mini makeup fridge.

Our Verdict:

The Cooluli mini makeup fridge is a compact makeup fridge used both as a cooler and warmer. It is big enough to store all your skincare essentials including, serum, makeup sprays, sheets masks, and even a few healthy drinks if you like. The overall electric consumption is less as it is based on the thermoelectric model. It comes with three options to plug in and use, including a USB cable, electric power supply, and directly connecting it to a cigarette lighter in the car. However, one should be careful when placing temperature-sensitive products because of the thermoelectric model.

Wrap Up!

With investment value and perfect cooling power, Cooluli mini makeup fridge is the best mini makeup fridge. Although the condensation can be a little icky at times, keeping a kitchen towel at the bottom of the fridge can make your life easier than ever. Well, we rate this product an overall 4/5 given the few handle and condensation issues. Otherwise, this mini makeup fridge is all that you need!

  • Portable, quiet, and durable
  • Low energy consumption
  • Perfect temperature for skincare products
  • Small USB cord
  • It cannot be charged via computer