Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer for Makeup

Convenient and lightweight are the two traits that define the Cooluli Mini makeup fridge. It is electricity efficient. Best of all you can also charge it in your car’s electric socket. Now your skincare needs can always be with you. The electricity consumption is so less that you can use it 24/7 without having to worry about heavy bills at all.

You can store serums, moisturizers, jade roller, derma roller, and almost any skincare product. This mini makeup fridge has two settings only, i.e., hot, and cold. Depending on the weather, you can select your desired temperature. It has three power plugs in options, including a USB port, a standard AC wall outlet, or a 12V outlet. However, you don’t need to buy these cables separately. They come with the product included.

Cooluli mini makeup fridge uses thermoelectric technology instead of a compressor. This helps to reduce the noise level to almost zero. Also, the heating from the back is reduced significantly. It takes several hours for the products to cool down. However, given the little electricity consumption and no noise, it is totally worth the investment. As one of the customer reviews says, “This is so so so super cute. I bought it for my skincare products to go on my vanity, and it works perfectly.”

  • Ultra-lightweight and compact
  • Various power options with great cooling
  • It can cool and warm the stuff depending on your needs
  • Low energy consumption and no noise at all
  • The overall capacity is limited
  • It takes a bit of time for the skincare products to cool down

Finishing Touch Beauty Mini Fridge for Makeup

This compact mini makeup fridge comes with two compartments to help you keep both makeup and food if needed. It is a glossier on the outside, which you can customize with the stickers coming up with the product. You can store your makeup, creams, cosmetics. Rollers, moisturizers, masks, oils, and serums in it, says an Amazon reviewer. Its small size makes it easier for people to store it on their nightstand as well.

Aren’t we all tried to get up and reach out to our fridge for our daily skincare?

Unlike the previous product, it comes with a cord to plug into the electricity supply, which can be a turn-off if you don’t have an electrical outlet near your dressing or nightstand. The overall electricity consumption is also less. Hence it is lighter on the pocket!

  • Sleek design with glossier outlet making it easier to clean
  • Higher cooling power
  • You can keep all your skincare in it because of its large space
  • Only one way to power it up

AstroAI Mini Fridge for Skin Care

A sleek design with a glossy finish AstroAI mini makeup fridge fits perfectly well on your dressing table or even nightstand. With a strong handle on the top, you can carry it around easily. There are two shelves in it, where you can store your makeup without worrying about stuff being clogged up one over the another.

In fact, you can also store some drinks in this mini makeup fridge as well. There are two plugs included for both standard wall outlets and 12V cigarette lighters in vehicles. However, ensure that vehicle is not turned off when you have plugged in the mini fridge as it can cause the battery to drain.

It has an eco-friendly design with a freon-free semiconductor refrigeration chip. Now you can invest in your skincare without having to worry about harming the environment. With the three-years warranty, having AstroAI mini makeup fridge by your nightstand is the perfect investment. It does not heat much; however, you must ensure that you place it at least three inches away from the wall.

  • Two power options
  • You can also use it as a warmer
  • Little or no noise
  • Environment-friendly engineering
  • Leaving it plugged-in car can cause battery drain issues

Koolatron Cosmetic Mini Fridge

It’s time to keep your makeup essentials close with no compromise to damage the environment with Koolatron cosmetic mini makeup fridge. It has a CFC-free thermoelectric semiconductor module effectively keeps items cool to 32°F, which is perfect for serums, moisturizers, and masks etc. It comes with both AC & DC power modes allowing you to turn it on anywhere and anytime you want.

The front of the Koolatron mini makeup fridge has an ILLUMINATED MAKEUP MIRROR that allows you to turn it into a mirror. Now you don’t have to carry an extra mirror. You can have your nighttime skincare routine on your bed! It also has a built-in dimmable LED light with touch sensor button control, giving you the power to set the brightness depending on the room.

 As one of the customer reviews says: “Love it! Fits on my nightstand perfectly. Keeps my eye patches nice and cool.”

  • It has a 5-liter capacity which is great given the size
  • Little or no noise at all
  • Built-in LED mirror
  • Easier to carry as it has a strong handle available
  • The power cord is small and a little rigid

FaceTory Portable Coral Beauty Fridge

With shades of pink and blue, FaceTory offers you a wide range of mini makeup fridges. It has a 10-L capacity that measures 24.5x29x34 cm and weighs 7.5 lbs., giving you enough space to store not only your makeup essentials but also a drink or two. The size of the FaceTory portable mini makeup fridge is slightly bigger than other models, which can be but for a few users. But hey, you get extra space to keep extra skincare products! It has both AC/DC available, so you don’t have to worry about traveling. The sleek and glossy design gives it more of a glamourous touch.

There is one dry erase board inside the fridge, where you can write your morning reminders. Got an urgent email to reply to in the morning. Write it on the board! The only sad part is you can only use it in the US and not in Asia because it fits in a 110-volt supply.

As one of the customer reviews says, “It works perfectly. It does take up counter-space so pay attention to dimensions. But it is great for storing my skincare and roller balls for my face.”

  • Little or no noise at all
  • Quite spacious
  • It has a separate spot for a facemask
  • It collects a small amount of water at the bottom, which you can avoid by placing a tissue

Frigidaire EFMIS151 Mini Portable

Next up on the list is Frigidaire EGMISI51 mini makeup fridge. With 6 colors to choose from, now you can get a makeup fridge matching your room! You can connect it to any charging slot you want, be it the car or the usual electric supply. Both the charging cables come with the product, meaning you don’t have to order the cables separately. It is smaller in size, making it easier to fit in any place you like, be it the nightstand or in your car.

It is eco-engineered to ensure the environment is safe and healthy with no compromise in skincare. It is freon-free, saving the environment from harmful CFC. You can also keep your drinks and other stuff in it as well. Carrying it around is also extremely easy as it has a handle on the top, which is strongly molded on the top.

As one of the customer reviews says, “It’s super cute, and everything I store inside stays pretty cold. I use it for facial treatments, storing masks and cryo globes.

  • It is environmentally friendly
  • Little or no noise
  • Various colors to select from
  • 1-year warranty
  • It is a little clumsy in the car

Living Enrichment Compact Personal Mini Fridge

I love this mini makeup fridge by living enrichment because of its sleek design and classy black color. Given the size, it can fit anywhere you want. It has two shelves where you can keep all your skincare. In fact, you can keep your drinks in it as well. Want that morning dose of freshness on the face? Keep all your masks in the best mini makeup fridge. It weighs around 4 lb. only making it easier for you to carry anywhere.

 It supports both AC/DC power supply indicating that you can use it at your convenience. Both the chargers are included. The best part is it utilizes a 120-volt AC supply indicating that you can now use it in other countries apart from the United States.

Freon-Free and Eco Friendly approved it with advanced safety technology to ensure that the overall environment is safe. Also, since it is freon-free, it can be stored in any space. However, you must ensure that it has at least a 3-inch gap from the wall.

One of the customer reviews says, “Although it is compact, it is quite spacious from the inside, making it easier to store both drinks and skincare products.”

  • It is perfect for storing drinks and skincare products
  • You can carry it around anywhere because it’s lightweight
  • It is eco-friendly
  • It is a bit noisy as compared to other mini makeup fridges

Chefman Portable Mirrored Mini Refrigerator Skin Care

Keep your friends close and your skincare essentials closer. With Chefman’s portable mini makeup fridge, you can now keep all your skincare products in one place. Portable power makes it easy to keep your beauty essentials with you all the time.

With the chargers’ availability with the product, you don’t have to invest an extra amount for any charging cable. It has a mirror on the front which you can use while applying your products. Now you don’t need to stand in the bathroom or the dressing table for your skincare.

The small size makes it easier to fit in anywhere you like. It has three colors including black, white, and pink. With the help of the switch, you can turn on the cooling and heating both. It uses cETL approved with advanced safety technology for long-lasting durability. The advanced technology also ensures that you can safely keep it in your room.

There is no noise issue which makes it perfect for keeping it on your nightstand. As one of the male customer reviews says, “My wife loves this product; it was giving to her as a Mother’s Day gift, and she loves all the features.” If you want your wifey happy, this is the product you buy.

  • It is easier to open with a button-click door
  • The mirror makes it easier to apply skincare products
  • It has the perfect size to fit anywhere
  • It is hard to maintain the mirror’s cleanliness as it gets fingerprints when you open the fridge