Mini Flawless Fridge

Overall Score 3.5/5
Temperature Control 3/5
Energy Consumption 5/5
Portability 3/5
Ease of Use 3/5
Value for Money 4/5

Finishing Touch Flawless Mini Beauty Fridge Review


The overall performance of the Finishing touch flawless mini make-up fridge is commendable. Within a few serums, you will be using cool skincare products, whereas most of the other fridges in the market take at least 24 hours to cool down the products. Your skincare products are cooled down to 36 F, making it perfect because it is still below the freezing points.

There is little noise in the fridge, but it is not something that disturbs you or your sleep. You can keep it on your nightstand and use it whenever you like. Are you just like me, who keeps forgetting stuff? Well, if yes, the finishing touch flawless mini make-up fridge door allows you to the right anything on it with a board marker!

Got an appointment? Your mini make-up fridge will remind you! Write everything on it, and you are good to go.

The inner part of the flawless mini make-up fridge is 10.25", which is enough to hold all your skincare essentials. With a mini basket inside the fridge, you can now store your ice packs, sheet masks all in one place.

Energy Consumption

Another important factor that needs to be considered is energy consumption. Well, you don't want a make-up fridge that can cause you an arm & leg with the electricity bills, right?

Well, the energy consumption is lesser as compared to other gadgets in the market. It does not add any extra electricity cost, which makes it perfect for you to use. You can gift it to anyone without having to worry on burdening with additional electricity costs. It only takes 30 watts to cool your products, which is low compared to other make-up fridges available in the market.

There is only a single power source, i.e., you can connect to any electrical outlet, and you are good to go.

Ease of Use

The mini-fridge's inner dimensions and overall size are perfect, as it can store anything you like with a few drinks as well. You can keep it on your nightstand or in your bathroom as you like it.

But there is something you need to know!

Well, when it comes to ease of use, this could not be the best buy. Although all the other features are amazing, still that you cannot carry it around is something you might not count on. It does not have a USB charging option; therefore, it cannot be carried around as you like it. You cannot even carry it with you in your car, which is a huge turn-off if you search for portability.

Flawless Mini Fridge


It's small, pretty, and compact. You can keep it anywhere you like. But if you want to carry it around, the sad part is you cannot because it does not have a USB charging option. There is the only way and, i.e., connecting it to an electric source. If you want to keep it plugged in one place, well, then this is the fridge you buy for your skincare needs!

Advanced Technology

It uses advanced semiconductors, which make it perfect if you are concerned about the environment. You don't have to think for once that you are causing harm to the environment in return for your healthy and glowing skin. Overall, the flawless mini make-up fridge is stylish, but there is not much info on the product, so there is a lot that the company needs to share!


Value for money is all we want! Well, if you are searching for an affordable, spacious, yet compact mini make-up fridge, then a flawless mini make-up fridge is the way to go! Moreover, the USB electricity supply is a great option, but again if you want to keep it in one place, buy it ASAP!!

From cooling power to electricity consumption is great, which I will not ignore at any cost because hey? There is already a lot I am investing! The compact size, pricing, and electricity consumption are worth your investment!

Wrap Up!

Well, I had mixed feelings about this product, but it all depends on your preference for a mini make-up fridge! If you have no issues with one plug-in option only, then go for it. Otherwise, there are great options as well. But when it comes to compactness, style, and sleekness, then a flawless mini make-up fridge is the way to go!

  • Portable, quiet, and durable
  • Low energy consumption
  • Perfect temperature for skincare products
  • Whiteboard to write everything you want to remember
  • No USB cable charging option