I never thought I would be doing this, but yet here I am, comparing two of my favorite mini makeup fridges.

If you have been searching for a mini makeup fridge and your search is also stuck on these two, then read this article and make the right choice.

Both Finish Touch flawless mini-fridge and Cooluli are the few best mini makeup fridges available, and this is time we find which ones the best amongst too!


Performance is one of the essential parameters to determine which mini makeup fridge is best for your needs. Since the primary function of a mini makeup fridge is to keep your makeup products cool and not icy cold, both finishing touch flawless makeup fridge and Cooluli mini makeup fridge have done a great job.

However, they have a slight difference in their minimum cooling temperature. The Finishing touch flawless mini fridge has a cooling temperature as low as 30 F and whereas that of Cooluli mini makeup skincare fridge is 26 F. There is a difference of 4 F, which may seem high, but given the cooling temperature of most skincare items, they both do a great job. Since the ideal temperature for cooling makeup and skincare products is not more than 36 F, both are a great choice.

Apart from cooling temperature, accessibility of the mini makeup fridge is essential. Here is where the Flawless mini makeup fridge takes an edge. There is a whiteboard inside the Flawless mini makeup fridge, where you can write any important task that you otherwise seem to forget.

But does this indicate that Flawless mini makeup fridge is the best? Well, there is a lot to compare, so read along.


What’s the use of a mini makeup fridge if you cannot carry it around with yourself?

For me, my skincare is essential, and this is why I need it everywhere, especially when on a road trip. Now Cooluli mini makeup fridge has multiple charging options. You can quickly charge it in the car through a cigarette charger and plugging it in the USB cable attached via computer or power bank. You can keep it plugged in any time and anywhere you want. This is why it offers an additional benefit when it comes to portability. However, the Flawless mini makeup fridge cannot be charged through a USB cable. You cannot carry a Flawless mini makeup fridge with you anywhere you want and anywhere you like.

Still thinking well, yes, there is more to compare and then making a decision.

Energy Consumption

The energy consumption of both the fridges is close. However, sometimes a slight difference can create notable changes. A flawless mini makeup fridge has an electricity consumption of around 30 watts, which is perfect because it can be charged via an electric switch and a cigarette charger. This minimal electricity consumption further deals with your concerns about the high electricity bill.

On the other hand, Cooluli has the electricity consumption of around 33.9 volts, which is higher than flawless, but again, these two values are closer to each other and may not seem much of a difference. But when it comes to the month of the end billing, we did notice a slight difference and the flawless mini makeup fridge was an ultimate winner.

But does this make flawless the perfect choice?

Environment Friendly

Both the Flawless mini makeup fridge and Cooluli mini fridge use semi-conductors, which is the reason for their low energy consumption. They both are environment friendly and can be used without having to worry about the environment.

Hey, if they both are so great, then which one shall I choose?

Which One to Choose?

Well, both Flawless Touch mini makeup fridge and Cooluli have their own pros and cons, and selecting any one of them depends on what you prefer? If you prefer portability over electricity consumption, then Cooluli is the way to go. However, for you, if even minor electricity consumption is essential, the Flawless Touch mini makeup fridge is the way to go. Since the cooling temperature of both the mini makeup fridges is almost similar, and they did keep the makeup and skincare cool so there is no way we can select anyone from both in the list.